In 2017, local radio station moved to the Krook (the new media centre in Ghent). Moving to a new place goes hand in hand with a completely new construction of the station. contacted Broadcast Architects and received a customized studio, a new internet infrastructure and new material for the radio editors. You could call it a turnkey project.

Broadcast Architect designed the studio so that it works completely over IP. Because of the local reputation of, the need for a mobile studio was also there. It has the same design as the mobile studio of Quindo, leaving Urgent with a compact and quick way to broadcast their events.


Mobile Studio Quindo

Quindo (a young Media Lab) asked for an efficient

way to broadcast all their events live. So we proposed them this compact mobile studio.

Designed by us from draft to final product, this mobile studio is what they call Plug-and-Play. Equipped with a Axia IQ 8 fader and a QOR.16 integrated console, the studio works completely over IP.

In less than 10 minutes, your station is ready to go live.

Oh yeah, and did we mention that it fits in a car?

Nostalgie - What a feeling!


Since the start of the national private radio station ‘Nostalgie’ in 2008, broadcast architects was there to provide the operational management. But making sure that everything worked properly, wasn’t the only thing we did. We designed and build the two studios and provided them a unique way to decouple the commercials for 6 different regions.

On the work floor everything contributes to the well-being of the employees. Even the appearance of the technical room. That’s why we chose for modern racks which can easily be adapted to the needs of the station (as you can see on the pictures).

GO-FIT Mechelen


Imagine yourself walking through your fitness centre with only one Ipad. Then imagine yourself being able to adjust all of the volumes in your fitness with that one single piece of machinery in your hand.

GO-FIT didn't only imagine it, but contacted Broadcast Architect and asked for a simple audio solution for the new location of their fitness centre.

Every zone of the fitness, which has 4 floors, can be separately adjusted to the needs of the people in it. If you want to, the microphones can have priority over the music. So everytime you speak, the music volume goes down. The bass, the treble, it all can be customized as desired.


In other words: Almost everything can be adjusted with that one simple screen in your hands.

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